About Kristin

Kristin Lawless (she previously published as Kristin Wartman) is an author and journalist focusing on the intersections of food, health, politics, and culture. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, The Atlantic, Newsweek,  VICEHuffington PostCivil Eats, and Grist, as well as in academic journals such as Critical QuarterlyThe Black ScholarTikkun Magazine, and The New Labor Forum. She is writing her first book, FORMERLY KNOWN AS FOOD, an exploration of how the industrial food system is changing our minds, bodies, and culture. It will be published by St. Martin's Press June 2018.

Kristin is also a Certified Nutrition Educator and works as a nutrition consultant with various doctors in New York City. She holds a Masters Degree in Literature from the University of California, Santa Cruz.  She lives in Brooklyn.