Formerly Known as Food

Table of Contents



PART ONE: How Did We End Up Here? 

Chapter One: Our Industrial Food Landscape
The Whole Egg Theory and How We Got Here

 Chapter Two: What Are We Actually Eating?
Industrial Food and Our Health

  Chapter Three: Losing Our Food Illusions  
“Organics” and the Nutrients Missing from Our Food

PART TWO: How the Industrial Food System
Is Changing Us from the Inside Out

Chapter Four: The Industrial Food Setup
 Getting Us (and Our Children) Hooked from Day One

Chapter Five: Living in a Microbial World
Industrially Processed Food and Our Guts

PART THREE: New Science and Failing Health Agencies 

Chapter Six: “So Many Tips of So Many Icebergs”
How Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals Are Harming Us (and Our Children and Their Children)

Chapter Seven: Our “Safe” Exposure to Toxic Chemicals
How the Regulatory Agencies Are Failing to Protect Our Health

PART FOUR: Understanding Our Food Culture and Creating Real Change

Chapter Eight: Food Choice
The Culture of Our Upside-Down Food Environment

Chapter Nine: Handmaidens of Industry
Women, the Home, and Unwaged Work

Chapter Ten: We Can’t Eat Our Way Out of This
Food Movement Failures and Real Change

Conclusion: Protecting Our Bodies and Our Future


An independent journalist and nutrition expert, Lawless is emerging as the voice of a new generation of food thinkers. After years of "eat this, not that" advice from doctors, journalists, and food faddists, she offers something completely different.

Lawless presents a comprehensive explanation of the problem—going beyond nutrition to issues of food choice, class, race, and gender—and provides a sound and simple philosophy of eating, which she calls the "Whole Egg Theory."